User Level of EduCloud4U Hosted Courses

In our EduCloud4U platform, you can register freely as an small user to deliver your courses online. Once a certain threshold is met, you become a standard user. A standard user can also be promoted to a premium user if certain threshold is met.
EduCloudOpen Small Standard Premium
Number of inactive courses 3 5 10
Number of activated licenses in the past year to consider as an active course 5 10 50
Storage limit per active course 2.00GB 3.00GB 5.00GB
Storage limit per inactive course 500.00MB 1.00GB 2.00GB
Free course codes to distribute 2 3 5
Free exam licenses 10 10 10
Upgrade from a lower level N/A 100 active licenses 750 active licenses
Video streaming bandwidth Shared streaming points Shared streaming points. Dedicated 600Mbps bandwidth every 500 active licenses on request. Dedicated 600Mbps bandwidth every 1000 active licenses on request.
Note: Upgrade eligibility is evaluated daily. Once upgraded, the new status is valid for a year. Downgrade will be effective immediately.
When a course is changed from active to inactive, storage limit will be reduced. Lecturers have full control of the contents, but students can only visit the content up to the inactive course limit storage.

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